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P.G. Glynn lives in Totnes, Devon, overlooking Mary Wesley's old home - a source of inspiration.

The idea of becoming a writer was planted in her at the age of thirteen by her grandmother, an actress who once lived in a castle in Czechoslovakia and who wanted her extraordinary life-story recorded for posterity.

Pamela Glynn never forgot her grandmother's wish, bringing it finally to fruition in fictionalised form as THE FOREIGNER. En route she had success with short stories in magazines and a novel OUT OF TIME - published in hardback - set in Tyneham, the picturesque Dorset village that died.

Writing means a great deal to Pamela and it has long been her dream that the love story in which she has invested much of her life finds a wide readership.
The Foreigner
It is 1919 and as Charles Brodie’s leading lady headstrong actress Marie Howard has the world at her feet. But all this is due to change – in ways she could never have imagined.

A sudden marriage tears Marie far from her London audiences and the man she loves, plunging her into catastrophic dramas that at times she doubts she can survive. As she’s drawn relentlessly into the horrors of her husband’s family, her gilded life as an actress finally dims to a barely perceptible flicker.

Fate, however, is not finished with her yet. After enduring heartbreak amidst the turbulence in Europe of Hitler’s rise to power and rebelling against the forces that have tied her to a place she hates, Marie is given a chance to escape. This she takes – finding, in war-torn London, infinitely more than she had dreamed of finding.  
The Portrait
This haunting love story across time tells of Joseph Glenny, an artist who loses the love of his life through a tragedy. He mourns her for 25 years before meeting a girl he believes to be the reincarnation of his lost love.

Can their love survive the second time around? If you believe in reincarnation and deja vu ... or if you want to believe ... chances are that you will love this beautiful, mystical love story.
Dusty’s Journey
Dusty is a baby bird on a special journey that leads him through many adventures en route to adulthood. He grows spiritually on his journey thanks to those he meets on his way.

It is an inspiring, profound tale with a powerful message for everyone - adults and children - on a path of self-development.
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